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Box Betting: Get your tips & Predictions in a single site

Online Boxing Betting

Fist-fighting contests must have had their origin in mankind’s history, however the earliest evidence of rules being introduced to boxing derives from ancient Greece. The brutal contests had no rounds, they would continue until one man accepts defeat or was evidently unable to continue the fight. The Greeks considered this as their most injurious sport as participants usually shed a lot of blood, suffered disfigurement and sometimes even death.

Betting on boxing could be very profitable providing you make high quality decisions and have an excellent ROI. Being successful with boxing betting will rely upon what technique you utilize and the way nicely you implement it. Above all else, although you will need to win more bets than you lose.

After the fall of the Roman Empire and the increasing popularity of Christianity, fist-fighting as a form of entertainment ceased to exist for several centuries. The sport resurfaced in England as the first official bout was registered in 1681. Not too long from then were regular boxing matched being scheduled. As the sport gained momentum, London became the hotspot for boxing as champions from all corners of the world flocked to the capital seeking fame, glory and everything else in-between. Boxing is one of the most popular sports on the market to bet on, with its enticing nature appealing to all of us punters.

From the featherweights all the way up to the heavyweights, the hits are hard and fast, the body blows powerful, and the emotions real. The best part is that can be access via online boxing betting sites. Fighters like Anthony Joshua, Canelo Álvarez, and Floyd Mayweather are the ones keeping the public engaged.

The popularity of the sport on the online betting market is why we’ve produced a page devoted to it, where you’re able to view some insightful boxing betting tips for all of the biggest fights coming up. Any bets that are added to this page will be put up in advance to help any boxing fans who are interested in joining in with what we’re predicting.

Different Types of Boxing Bets

Whether it’s a deposit bonus, reload bonus, VIP rewards perk, free bet, or a creative contest, our picks for the best of the best include real money boxing betting sites that reward their patrons. Boxing odds work the same way as they do in other combat sports.

Unlike sports such as football and tennis that have multiple betting markets available, even the most adventurous of online sportsbook will rarely offer more than six markets on a boxing match, no matter how big an event it might be. In professional boxing, there are now 17 recognized weight categories, going up from 105lbs. At each weight, there are four widely sanctioning bodies that are widely considered to the legitimate ones. Each has its own world title belt, and boxing isn’t so much of a tournament, but more a game where the goal is to get high enough ranked to fight the world champion and take his belt.

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Having said that, there have been a few tournaments in recent years, with the very successful World Boxing Super Series just completed at Cruiserweight and Super middleweight, with Alexander Usyk and Callum Smith the respective winners.

Boxing Betting – Strategy

Social media makes it easier to stay in touch with what is going on around a fight – maybe you’ve heard a boxer is sparring well, or they have sent out a very confident tweet. Maybe a fighter is nursing an injury or struggling to make a weight. Use all these factors in evaluating a fight, and you’ll be in a good position. Other questions you could ask are:

• Which is the hungrier boxer?

• Is the bout taking place in one of the boxer’s hometowns?

• How did the boxers perform recently?

• How do the two styles compare? Does one boxer struggle against the other’s style?

The major world governing bodies in boxing are the WBC, IBF, WBO and WBA. Each is an independent entity in charge of compiling its own world rankings. If you’re looking for the best bookmakers, head to our bookmaker review guide. You’ll find unbiased and objective reports to allow you to make a right decision.

Boxing Odds

The odds of a boxing match will be ideally designed to represent the likelihood of certain outcomes happening in a match. The outright winner market will usually be the easiest one to decipher while markets such as the fight to go the distance will have a lot of statistical data factored into it.

During the fight itself, the odds of certain markets will fluctuate a lot depending on how the match is playing out. For example, if the heavy underdog is performing much better than expected his odds of winning the fight will be reduced.

Boxing betting is done on a money line basis. This means you are wagering on one boxer against the other. The money line boxing bet is similar to what you will find in baseball and hockey. Another boxing betting option that is offered on many fights is the round option. You can wager on whether or not the fight goes the full number of rounds listed on the boxing betting odds.

Take a look at the various boxing options you have during each month of the year. You will find a lot of great opportunities to make money. There may be fights from other countries that offer you good wagering choices. You may find good information on a fight that is not as well publicized. These fights can be great chances to make money as you look to bet on boxing at sportsbooks this year.