How Saudi Arabia Plan to takeover Football: The Impact on European Football

The recent influx of high-profile footballers, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema, signing monstrous contracts in Saudi Arabia has put the spotlight on the country’s deep wealth. However, this sudden surge in investment by Saudi Arabia in the sport raises questions about their motives and whether they pose a threat to European football.

In this article, we will explore Saudi Arabia’s ambitious sports investments, their economic diversification strategy through Vision 2030, and the potential implications for the global football landscape.

Saudi Arabia’s SPL: Attracting Football Giants

The Saudi Pro League (SPL) has successfully lured big names in football with its lucrative contracts. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema have been enticed by the financial incentives provided by the league. This move not only highlights the growing financial power of Saudi Arabia but also underscores their desire to make a mark in the world of football.

Vision 2030: Sports as a Strategic Investment

Saudi Arabia’s aim to diversify its economy is evident through Vision 2030, a comprehensive plan that seeks to reduce the country’s dependence on oil revenues. Investing in sports is a crucial aspect of this strategy. By attracting renowned football players, the SPL aims to enhance its global reputation and generate significant economic benefits. The league’s deep pockets allow them to offer massive contracts, making it an attractive destination for players seeking both financial rewards and a new challenge.

Expanding Beyond Football: SPL’s Sports Hub

The SPL is not solely focused on football; it has become a hub for various sporting events. In line with their broader vision, Saudi Arabia has invested in diverse disciplines such as golf, boxing, WWE, horse racing, and Formula One. These investments demonstrate their commitment to establishing a vibrant sports culture within the country and creating opportunities for international collaborations.

Access to Substantial Financial Resources

One of the key factors driving the SPL’s expansion is its ability to acquire majority ownership of major pro league clubs. This signifies the league’s access to substantial financial resources, enabling them to make significant investments in player transfers, stadium infrastructure, and overall club development. By doing so, the SPL aims to elevate the standard of football in Saudi Arabia and compete at an international level.

Impact on European Football

The sudden rise of the SPL and its aggressive pursuit of top football talent has naturally raised concerns among European football stakeholders. The financial muscle of Saudi Arabia presents a potential threat to European clubs, as they may struggle to retain their star players in the face of lucrative offers from the SPL. This could potentially disrupt the delicate balance of power in European football and impact the competitiveness of major leagues.

Looking Ahead: Ambitious Plans and Global Events

The SPL’s expansion and revenue generation plans extend beyond player acquisitions. Saudi Arabia aims to position itself as a global sports destination by hosting prestigious events. In 2027, they are set to host the Asian Cup, a testament to their growing influence in the sports world. Moreover, the SPL has expressed interest in bidding for the 2030 World Cup, further solidifying their aspirations to become a prominent player on the international football stage.


Saudi Arabia’s deep wealth has enabled them to attract football superstars and establish the SPL as a destination of choice for players seeking substantial financial rewards. Their ambitious sports investments align with the Vision 2030 strategy of economic diversification. While the rise of the SPL raises questions about the potential threat to European football, it also presents opportunities for collaboration and growth within the global football landscape. As Saudi Arabia continues to expand its influence in the sporting world, its long-term impact remains to be seen.