Winning isn’t the only thing that matters, but it’s certainly something that gives pleasure. So imagine if you celebrate with an average of a trophy every 24 games. Incredible numbers, but which perfectly summarize Pep Guardiola’s career.


Pep’s Early Success at Barcelona

Someone who already won a few things as a player, as director of Cruijff’s Dream Team at Barcelona, but who since he sat on the bench has done nothing but bring his teams to the top.

It would be enough to think that, despite a relatively short career as a manager (he started in 2007), the Catalan has already won 36 trophies in his experiences at the helm of Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City, a number that puts him in third place in the all-time ranking behind Sir Alex Ferguson (49) and Mircea Lucescu (37).


Guardiola’s Reign at Barcelona

Guardiola’s first season on the bench had already made it clear that the former midfielder would have a bright future. At the helm of Barcelona B, the coach, in fact, obtained promotion from the Tercera Division, bringing the team back to Segunda Division B.

Enough for president Laporta to entrust him with the first team after Rijkaard’s departure. Not even 12 months are enough to understand that the choice was the right one.

In the 2008/09 season, Barcelona, full of players who grew up in La Masia (Messi, of Rome against United, balanced only for football odds.


Continued Success at Barcelona

In the following season, Pep completed the…Sextete, going on to win the Spanish Super Cup, the European Super Cup, and the Club World Cup, also adding the second La Liga of his coaching career.

Moreover, since there’s no two without three, in the 2010/11 year comes the third championship won in a row, but also the second Champions League and, just to make sure nothing is missed, another Spanish Super Cup. In fact, the only season at Barcelona in which Guardiola did not win the championship was 2011/12, his last at the Camp Nou, which, however, ended with the triumph in the Copa del Rey and another trio of Spanish Super Cup and European Super Cup and Club World Cup.

In total for Pep, at the helm of the Blaugrana, 247 matches and 14 trophies, one for every 17.6 matches played.


Guardiola’s Triumphs with Bayern Munich

After a year’s sabbatical, Guardiola decides to take on a new challenge away from home and accepts Bayern Munich’s offer. At the Allianz Arena, however, the Catalan has a job that is not at all simple: to do better than his predecessor, Herr Jupp Heynckes, the coach would have to achieve… another Treble, given that the German has just achieved it before leaving the bench of the Bavarians.

Pep will never succeed, never reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League in the three seasons spent in the Bundesliga. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that the period in Germany hasn’t enriched the Santpedor coach’s palmares. In fact, in the first season, the domestic double arrived (Bundesliga and German Cup), to which also added the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup, a legacy of Heynckes’ triumphs.

The following season was, up to that point, the worst season of Guardiola’s career. Bayern “only” won the Bundesliga in 2014/15, losing the Super Cup and stopping before the final in both the cup and the Champions League.


Guardiola’s Dominance in the Premier League

Then in 2016 comes another paradigm shift for Guardiola, who flies to Manchester, City side, to face the Premier League. The start wasn’t one of those memorable ones because his debut season in England was the first (and so far the only one) in which the manager didn’t win anything.

City finished third in the Premier League, were eliminated in the two domestic cups and stopped in the round of 16 of the Champions League. However, evidently the Catalan needs to warm up because already in the 2017/18 season the trophies start arriving again with a certain frequency: the Citizens win both the Premier League and the League Cup.

In the following year, Guardiola and his team achieved a crazy domestic quadruple, accompanying the second consecutive Premier League with the FA Cup, another League Cup, and the Super Cup. To see City fail to win the championship again, we have to wait for the 2019/20 season, in which Pep’s team finished second behind Klopp’s steamrolling Liverpool, but consoled themselves with the third consecutive League Cup and the Super Cup.

However, it takes little to get back into the rhythm. The 2020/21 season sees Manchester City win the Premier League again and, unsurprisingly, their fourth League Cup in a row.


Haaland Arrives and Pep Wins the Champions League with City!

The Champions League is such an obsession that Pep ends up… changing himself. To aim for the big target, the coach bought Erling Braut Haaland, a very different striker from those he had at Barcelona and City (but close in characteristics to the Lewandowski he had at Bayern).

With the Norwegian in his engine, Guardiola begins the 2022/23 season almost with the obligation to win and this time he really doesn’t have to wait. Not only did City win the Premier League (the third in a row) and the FA Cup, but they won the Champions League, the first in the club’s history, for a crazy treble.

And since it is complicated to think that the Catalan goes too long without winning something, the 2023/24 season also begins with a trophy raised, the European Super Cup, but also with a Club World Cup to participate in.

With City, Pep won 15 trophies in 415 games (not counting those already played in the Premier League that has just started), one every 27 and a half matches. Added to the previous ones, they are 36. Moreover, the impression is that the figure is destined to increase shortly.