Qatar 2022 All qualified teams, the draw, and potential surprises

There are 27 teams already qualified for the World Cup in Qatar, and five more vacancies to fill in the framework of participating national teams, with Italy, as champions of Europe, not qualified. The latest to win tickets to Qatar are Portugal, Poland, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, and Cameroon. The Solomon Islands and the United Arab Emirates can provide a big surprise.

In Europe, 10 teams qualified as first place in their groups: Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Portugal and Poland were qualified through the “play-off”, while the last European country will be determined by the challenge between Wales and the winner of Scotland-Ukraine, postponed to June due to the war.

In South America, the qualified teams are Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, and Uruguay. The 5th place, held by Peru, must face an Asian team in June in the “Play Off”.

Qatar participates in the World Cup as a host country, while the other qualified teams are South Korea, Iran, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. The regulations provide for an additional match between the two third-placed countries in the two groups, between the United Arab Emirates and Australia. This match is played on June 7, but it does not end here, because the winner then has to play Peru again in the “play-off”. 

There are still two games left in Central and North America, but Canada has qualified, while the USA, Mexico, and Costa Rica play for the other two spots. Fourth place goes to “Play off”.

The qualifiers of the Oceania Confederation have not yet given their verdict. Everything goes through the final of the “Play Off”, where the Solomon Islands and New Zealand will meet. The winner then faces the 4th place in Central America.

In Africa, there have been many problems in recent games, with Mohamed Salah being “blinded” by lasers when he was shooting the penalty, while Nigerian fans occupied the field after their team failed to qualify. Nigeria could not qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar after being eliminated by Ghana. And it was the disqualification that came home after the 1-1 draw. The first challenge in Ghana ended 0-0.

For the first time since 2006, Nigeria will not be part of the World Cup. Such a situation has not been well received by the local fans, who have destroyed everything in front of them inside the stadium.

After Ghana, Senegal, Morocco, and Tunisia, Cameroon has also qualified.

The draw for the World Cup in Qatar will take place on April 1 in Doha, with the teams divided into four pots according to the FIFA ranking. At the time of the draw, there will be three more slots to be filled, those from extra matches and those from the “play-off” postponed by UEFA due to the war in Ukraine.