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Africa Sport Betting was born with the intention of offering players a complete overview of everything related to African betting sites. Within our site, you will find a valid reference for what you are looking for. If you are looking for reviews of the best bookmakers, on our site you will find them for sure, but you will also find information on the list of online betting sites in general.

In short, if you are passionate about online betting and want to learn more about the world of online bookmakers, you are certainly on the right place!

Review Aspects

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Bookmakers’ Complete List: How We Document and How We Evaluate Them

Reviewing online betting sites is not easy. It is a process that first takes a long time, as it is necessary to carefully evaluate all the online bookmakers in the area and consequently test them. Our main criterion, however, is the choice of reliable African bookmakers. This means that we only choose licensed sites, which are therefore officially regulated by the states, and that we then try them ourselves in order to test all their characteristics.

But how do we review the best bookmakers? We simply try them from top to bottom. Only in this way can we guarantee reliability and transparency in our reviews.

Some of our criteria for evaluating the best African bookmakers are: regulation (therefore the licenses), safety, the general quality of the site, bonuses, sports made available, markets, odds, live bets and live streaming, the mobile version of the site, payment methods, assistance, and much, much more.

We offer only completeness in our reviews, and above all, we offer a complete bookmakers’ list.

The gaming license for African bookmakers is one of the most important aspects of all.

Very often, one proceeds to play on a betting site without paying too much attention to the license and regulation of African bookmakers. In reality, however, this is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration, as only through licenses can bookmakers actually be active in the African market.

First of all, it should be noted that the best bookmakers enjoy the license issued by the African states; only through it is it possible for a bookmaker to be active and therefore regular on the market. If there is no such license, it is still under construction or illegal. Also, because gambling in Africa is regulated and always yields a lot of money, it cannot be done without rules and licenses.

Always be careful when betting with online bookmakers.

As with any online site, even more so in the world of betting, you have to pay close attention and this also applies to the best bookmakers. There is a precise list of licensed bookmakers (which you can find on our site) and therefore of safe bookmakers, with which you will have no problem playing carefree; however, it is better to always know the rudiments of this sector.

However, customer safety also comes from another factor, namely the assistance provided by the best licensed bookmakers. Each of the respected online betting sites offers direct assistance to its customers, even more so when they are involved in problems of various kinds. For this reason, a good online betting site should also be recognized for its assistance.

Virtually all bookmakers in the world also offer responsible gaming policies, perhaps by proposing collaborations with specific bodies. These entities allow players who feel they have fallen into addiction to rely on experts and solve their problems effectively, something we always recommend, even at the first symptoms of addiction.

Bonuses and promotions are always loved by players.

All bookmakers in the world offer bonuses and promotions to their players, and African bookmakers are no exception. Of course, the best bookmakers offer few but incredible ones, but it is not certain whether some online betting sites may also offer many and still be valid.
In general, there are welcome bonuses for newly registered users, VIP Clubs for experienced players, but also loyalty programs for long-term registered users, free bets for the first registration to play some free bets in the coupons, and much more.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: Everything You Need to Know

To be able to play on online betting sites, you must inevitably make payments, and for this reason, you must take advantage of deposit methods (and withdrawal methods to withdraw winnings). The methods usually offered by sports bookmakers are many, and sometimes they are even innovative.

Let’s go now to discover one of the most important “technical details” that exist on any gaming platform, by analyzing in detail the payment methods with which it is possible to deposit and withdraw funds from your gaming account.

Of course, these payment methods depend not only on the simplicity and speed with which to make a deposit or a withdrawal, but also on the safety of the same, an aspect that, as you are seeing, plays a role of absolute importance in each of our reviews.

In short, what are the payment methods supported?

  • Mobile Money.
  • USSD.
  • Shop Cash.

Generally, the choice of payment methods in the world of online betting sites is always quite wide. It therefore allows bookmakers to welcome a large number of users, coming from different age groups and with different experiences.

Also, in this case, you must always pay great attention when entering your payment details online; through our site, you can evaluate the safest betting sites in this sector as well.

The mobile and app versions of the sites are also worth checking out; after all, who hasn’t played while away from home?

The world of online betting is now destined to move to mobile, that is, to our beloved smartphones that accompany our daily activities. The convenience of playing from your phone quickly and effectively is unparalleled, and it is something understandable: a PC is much bulkier and uncomfortable, so many players move to mobile.

Usually, the mobile versions available for online betting sites are always both on iOS or Android; in the latter case, however, you have to download them from the official website because they are not present on the Play Store (Google does not allow the presence of apps for gambling). The specifications vary from site to site, but in general, powerful smartphones are not required.

There are also mobile web versions that can be visited from a browser; they are practically the same as the apps but do not require additional memory space to install them.

Football is the most popular sport to bet on in Africa.

Sports betting focuses on a potentially huge variety of sports. All the bookmakers in the world offer at least the most famous sports for their bets, but the licensed bookmakers sometimes do even more. In African bookmakers, you will undoubtedly find the most popular sports for our market, namely football, motor sports, basketball, volleyball, and tennis.

At other times, it is possible to find less popular sports, such as darts or ice hockey, much more popular in Anglo-Saxon countries. In any case, in our reviews of the best licensed bookmakers and the best betting sites, you will find all the information relating to the sports offered by each site.

Customer service: feel safe, always.

The best African and non-African bookmakers must always offer good assistance to their customers. Assistance is essential, even more so on an online betting site, where you can run into problems of a financial nature, but also of personal safety.

The most common contact methods for contacting customer assistance are usually the forms to fill out, telephone contacts or e-mails; some online bookmakers also offer live chat directly accessible from within the site, which allows an extremely fast interface. In any case, all contact methods have different availability hours: some are 24/7, others go for daily time slots.

Each site, moreover, offers sections of FAQs (frequently asked questions) to offer solutions even before receiving contact from the customer. In this way, everything is much easier, both for the customer and the provider. Obviously, since these are licensed and therefore African betting sites, the African language is always supported. However, sometimes there may be foreign operators.

Your reference point is African Sports Betting.

Ultimately, is your new benchmark for the world of online betting of any kind. Thanks to our site, you will have access to a huge world of information which concerns online bookmakers in all their aspects: we will not neglect anything and we will always make you feel safe.