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Rugby Betting: Predictions & Tips for every winning try!

Online Rugby Betting

Rugby is one of the most popular team sports in the world, and because of this attracts lots of sports betting attention, making the demand for rugby betting tips a priority. Luckily for fans of betting on rugby, betting expert’s top tipsters will be on hand to deliver rugby predictions throughout the rugby season. In England, rugby and cricket vie for second place behind football, but in Ireland, Wales, France, Australia, New Zealand and many other nations, rugby rules, and the demand for top rugby betting tips is strong.

Different Types of Rugby Bets

The difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union is all about who’s on the pitch. In Union, there are 15 players, where League has 13. When it comes to tackles, League only allows six before you have a turnover.

In Union, you can keep going until a possession is lost or the other team steals the ball. Rugby Union is an international game and features teams from countries around the world. Conversely, Rugby League is based in Australia with one New Zealand team in the mix.

On all major bookmakers, you can place bets on both the Rugby League and Rugby Union. Punters can put their dollars on top Rugby betting markets such as line bets, margin bets, first try scorers, head-to-head bets and more. Rugby is best when it is played at international level. This is when you can see the battle of the big international teams, with the Wallabies taking on teams such as the Springboks, All Blacks and Pumas in the Rugby Championship every year. Betting on the Rugby also includes the Rugby World Cup, which was launched back in 1987 and is popular for sports punters from all over the world.

Rugby Leagues and Tournaments

As part of our rugby betting guide, we felt the need to show you in detail the most famous rugby league tournaments in the world and tell you a bit more about each one of them. If you look around the web, you will find even more small size tournaments and leagues but not on all you can bet.

Of course, compared with the best football betting options and tournaments the rugby is a relevantly less popular sport. However, still, it is the sport who literally lays as a foundation of the American Football. Rugby is known for its lack of protection and its brutality, similar to its modern American equivalent.

Six Nations Championship: Also known as the Guinness Six Nations championship and it is also the first tournaments that allowed women to have their league in 1996. Otherwise, the tournament has a long history, and it is one of the first international rugby tournaments. It started in the late 1800s but back then the countries participants were less, and it was named Home Nations Championship, and it was organized between the UK countries. Then France took its part, and it was changed to Five Nations Championship, but later on, when Italy took role too, it was changed to Six Nations Championship.

Rugby World Cup: Well, we don’t think that the Rugby World Cup needs any special introduction because it is evident that it is international, and It is organized in a different country each time. The first championship took place in 1987, and it was co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand. Indeed, New Zealand is the country with the most rugby world cups in their account up to this date. This is also one of the best rugby betting options.

Lions Tour: Lions Tournaments are international, and you can see such in several continents. Of course, initially, it started in the UK and then spread around the world. Nowadays it is organized every four years, and it rotates different locations around the whole world for each tournament.

The Rugby Championship: This is another international championship that you can bet on. It is organized each year in different countries, but the tradition itself started in 1996. On this tournament, you will see teams from all sides of the world like South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand and others.

National Rugby League: The NRL is one of the most popular competitions in Australia and features teams from both New Zealand and various states throughout Australia.

Rugby Europe International Championships: About this tournament, you need to know that it was first organized in its current form in 2000. Before that, it was a sub tournament referred to Six Nations B. The competition itself is split into 5 levels with 5-6 teams. All European countries can participate, including Georgia, Russia and Turkey.

Americas Rugby Championship: Well, the rugby is not that popular in North and South America, and this is relatively super new tournament because the first competition was led in 2009. Between 2009 and 2016 it went through several transitions before we were able to see the current format of the tournament. Of course, as you can guess only countries from these two continents are allowed to participate.

Oceania Sevens Championships: This rugby tournament is also relatively new, founded in 2008. The countries that are allowed to participate are over 15 in between Japan, New Zealand, Tonga, Cook Islands, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Tahiti and others. For 12 years history since its beginning, the title was held four times by each of the following islands countries Samoa, Fiji and Australia.

How Is Rugby Played?

Many online bookmakers today realize the potential in betting on Rugby and offer a wide selection of rugby betting markets and the best odds. Betting on rugby could be a daunting task for new punters for the same reason that it is popular, its intricacy.

However, a solid understanding of the game rules coupled with getting the best Rugby betting tips could easily help you make profitable Rugby predictions. Rugby can be confusing to follow if you aren’t familiar with the rules and objects of the game. We broke down all the vital information such as the different positions and how points are scored. We didn’t want to leave anything out.

At Africasportbetting you can find a number of successful Tipsters who specialize in many different sports, including Rugby. You can follow us and get the best Rugby betting tips for your Rugby predictions. One of the fundamental lessons of learning how to bet on rugby is understanding different bet types.

Knowing how each bet works and identifying which bet to place on a specific match is key to profiting from the hard-hitting sport. Should you bet on the match result, or would it be wiser to bet on the number of points scored? Let’s take a closer look at six of the most popular rugby betting markets:

Match Result: Match result is by far the most popular rugby bet. There are three possibilities when you bet on a match result: a win for either side or a draw. If you bet on one team to win, they must end the match with more points than the other team for your bet to win. Drawn matches are quite rare, so the best rugby union betting sites typically offer odds of 20.00 or more on the unthinkable happening.

Match Handicap: Handicap bets are also extremely popular at rugby betting sites. One team may be much stronger than their opponents, and the betting odds may be so small that they aren’t worth backing. Would you bet on New Zealand beating Georgia at odds of 1.05? No? How about betting on the All Blacks to win with a -21.5 handicap at odds of 1.90? This value bet would require the All Blacks to win by at least 22 points.

Total Points: Expecting an action-packed match with lots of tries? Perhaps you expect a match filled with handling errors and few scoring opportunities? You can back your hunch by betting on the total points market. Online bookmakers use sophisticated algorithms to predict the score and set an over/underline accordingly. For example, betting over 39.5 means there must be 40 points or more in the match to win.

First Scoring Method: First scoring method is another popular rugby betting market. In rugby union, points can only be scored in three ways: a try, a penalty, or a drop goal. However, drop goals are rare as it is without them being the first scoring play. This means your best chance of profiting from the first score of the game is to choose between a try and penalty. Each team’s style and tactics should influence your decision.

Try Scorer Markets: With 30 players on the field at any one time, betting on which player will score a try can be extremely lucrative. Rugby betting sites offer a variety of try scorer markets. You could bet on the first try scorer, the next try scorer, a player to score a double, or even a hat trick. Rugby betting odds generally offer short odds on backs as they are smaller and faster. Second rows score fewer tries, hence greater odds.

Double Result: Double result is another interesting betting market you will find at rugby betting sites. You must correctly predict the half-time and full-time result of the match. For example, you might bet on England to lead South Africa at half-time, but the Springboks to finish strong and win the match. As there are so many possibilities, you can take advantage of favorable betting odds – especially if you include a draw.