Few club presidents in the world of football have done so much that they stand out. Some very individual people have led their teams to unimaginable success and have left a lasting mark on the sport. This article will talk about the five most successful football club presidents in history, including what they did to make their teams great and how many trophies they won.

  1. Jorge Nuno Pinto from Costa: A Portuguese Legend

Years in Office: 1982-Present Trophies: 67 (Porto)

Jorge Nuno Pinto from Costa, an absolute legend in Portuguese football, has been at the helm of Porto since 1982. Over four decades of leadership, he has guided Porto to an astounding 67 trophies. Pinto from Costa’s enduring legacy is marked by numerous accolades, including two UEFA Champions League titles, a feat unparalleled in the club’s history.

Among his numerous triumphs are 23 Portuguese league championships, 14 Portuguese Cups, and an impressive 22 Super Cups. Notably, Porto’s Super Cup victory in 1981 marked the beginning of their dominance, a trend that continued under Pinto from Costa’s stewardship.

As Porto continues to compete at the highest level, the club remains a contender in both the league and the league cup, with Pinto from Costa’s leadership being a key factor in their sustained success. The legacy of this remarkable president is set to be further enriched in the coming seasons.

  1. Majid Al-Adwan: Al-Faisaly’s Visionary Leader

Years in Office: 1970-1978, 1992-2007, 2009-2018 Trophies: 47 (Al-Faisaly)

Majid Al-Adwan, a visionary leader, presided over Al-Faisaly during three distinct terms, spanning a total of 32 years. Under his guidance, Al-Faisaly achieved remarkable success, securing 47 trophies during his tenure.

Al-Adwan’s legacy is highlighted by 18 league championships, making him one of the most successful presidents in terms of domestic league titles. Additionally, his leadership saw Al-Faisaly win thirteen Jordan Cups, eleven national cups, three Federation Football Jordanian Shields, and two AFC Cups.


  1. Mohamed Saleh Selim: Guiding Al-Ahly to Glory

Years in Office: 1980-1988, 1992-2002 Trophies: 32 (Al-Ahly)

Mohamed Saleh Selim was a prominent figure in Egyptian football and was president of Al-Ahly for 18 years, broken up into two terms. After winning an amazing 32 trophies during his time as manager, Selim was a big reason why the club was so successful.

Selim’s most notable achievement was guiding Al-Ahly to 12 Egyptian league championships. Additionally, the club won nine Egyptian Cups, two CAF Champions League titles, four African Cups, one Afro-Asian Nations Cup, and four Arab Elite Cups under his leadership.

  1. Florentino Perez: Real Madrid’s Modern Maestro

Years in Office: 2000-2006, 2009-Present Trophies: 31 (Real Madrid)

Florentino Perez, the modern maestro of Real Madrid, assumed the presidency in two separate stints, amassing 31 trophies over a total of 20 years. Perez passed Santiago Bernabeu in 2022 to become Real Madrid’s most successful president ever.

It’s been great years for Perez’s presidency, with an average of more than one trophy won each season. With a lot of good teams in La Liga, Real Madrid is still in the running for the UEFA Champions League and the Copa del Rey.. If they secure both trophies, Perez will cement his status among the most successful football club presidents in history.

  1. Santiago Bernabeu: Real Madrid’s Iconic Leader

Years in Office: 1943-1978 Trophies: 29 (Real Madrid)

Santiago Bernabeu is one of the most iconic figures in Real Madrid history. During his 35-year tenure, he led the team to 29 titles. Many people know Bernabeu as the name of the famous stadium, but he also made significant achievements as a player and a coach.

During his presidency, Real Madrid achieved six European Cup victories, which later became the UEFA Champions League. In addition to these continental triumphs, the club secured 16 Spanish league championships, 1 Intercontinental Cup, and 6 Copa del Rey titles.

That’s all there is to say about these five football club presidents. They truly changed the game. The trophies they won during their time as leaders with big ideas and a lot of commitment have not only brought honor to their teams but also cemented their places in football history. Even though the sport is always changing, their accomplishments show how important great leadership is in football.