Top 5 Fastest Football Players in the World – 2023 Rankings

In the world of football, speed is a crucial asset that sets players apart and leaves defenders struggling to keep up. With advancements in technology, we can now precisely measure and rank the fastest players based on their top speed achievements during matches.

This article delves into the top 5 fastest footballers globally, exclusively featuring active players. Let’s explore the speedsters who have left their mark on the pitch.

  1. Sven Botman (Newcastle) – The Unlikely Speedster

At the pinnacle of the list stands an unexpected name – Sven Botman. Hailing from Newcastle, this central defender has stunned the footballing world with his incredible speed. Standing tall at 193 cm, one might question how a towering player like Botman can achieve such blistering speed. The secret lies in his powerful long legs, which allow him to cover vast distances with remarkable pace, reaching an astounding speed of 39.21 km/h. Though he might not be the quickest over short distances, in an open field, he can outrun nearly anyone. His unexpected presence atop the ranking speaks volumes about the diverse skill sets that football players can possess.

  1. Darwin Nunez (Liverpool) – A Giant Speedster

Securing the second spot is another giant on the field, Darwin Nunez of Liverpool. Standing tall at 187 cm, Nunez possesses a unique combination of height and pace, making him a formidable force to reckon with. With a top speed of 38 km/h, Nunez has demonstrated his ability to burst through defenses, leaving opposition players trailing behind.

  1. Kylian Mbappe (PSG) – The Speed Demon

Kylian Mbappe is an indispensable addition to any compilation of the swiftest soccer players. The extraordinary speed of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) sensation has been captivating fans all over the globe for numerous years. Renowned for his scorching bursts of speed and extraordinary ball control, Mbappe has cemented his position as one of the swiftest athletes on the global stage. The French forward’s acceleration and agility on the pitch are truly awe-inspiring, with a remarkable top speed of 37.9 km/h.




  1. Mykhaylo Mudryk (Chelsea) – The Speedy Midfielder

Stealing the fourth spot is Mykhaylo Mudryk, a dynamic midfielder from Chelsea. His impressive speed of 36.63 km/h has made him a valuable asset for his team. With the ability to cover ground swiftly, Mudryk can launch counterattacks and be a crucial link between defense and attack. His remarkable performances in the central area of the field have not only captured the attention of supporters but also secured him a spot among the swiftest athletes in the sport.

  1. Ousmane Dembele (Barcelona) – The Quick-Witted Winger

Ousmane Dembele, the highly skilled winger hailing from Barcelona, shows extraordinary velocity and skill. Dembele, with a remarkable maximum velocity of 36.6 km h, possesses an extraordinary ability to confuse opposing defenders with his sudden rises of speed. His remarkable capacity to swiftly alter his course and retain possession of the ball whilst in full sprint renders him an ever-present menace to any opposing defense. Undoubtedly, Barcelona’s attacking prowess is significantly strengthened by the blistering runs down the flanks executed by Dembele.


In the rapidly moving the world of football, velocity plays a crucial role in the triumph of athletes and squads. The undeniable truth is that the top 10 swiftest players on the planet have unequivocally demonstrated that speed possesses the remarkable ability to revolutionize the course of sporting events, effectively tilting the scales in their favor. From towering defenders to agile wingers, these speedsters never fail to captivate football enthusiasts worldwide. As the sport progresses, the quest for higher velocities on the soccer field will also advance.