UEFA Champions League: Worst Failings Ever Made

The UEFA Champions League is a leading event that exhibits the best of European football, where top teams battle it out to win the ultimate glory on the biggest platform. Over the course of time, sports fans have witnessed some truly remarkable triumphs, but regrettably, not every expedition through the tournament has culminated in a win. Here are the most catastrophic campaigns since the tournament’s rebranding in 1993.

AC Milan – 1996/97: A Fall from Grace

AC Milan’s 1996/97 season was marked by defeats to Porto, IFK Goteborg, and Rosenborg. Despite boasting an impressive team, the Italian powerhouse disappointingly only managed to accumulate a meager 7 points throughout the course of the tournament. Milan’s downfall was a sight to behold, sending shockwaves throughout the global football community. Their crushing defeat left supporters feeling both confused and disheartened.

Barcelona – 1997/98: Stars Dimmed

The 1997/98 Barcelona team was a star-studded story, with footballing legends such as Rivaldo, Stoichkov, Figo, and Luis Enrique gracing the pitch. Fate dealt an unforeseen blow to the renowned Catalan squad. In a shocking turn of events, Barcelona has landed themselves at the bottom of their Champions League group, leaving both fans and pundits alike in disbelief. The highly anticipated showdown between their all-star roster and the bitter taste of defeat left an unforgettable imprint on the tournament’s legacy.

Juventus – 2000/01: Collapse of Giants

There are collapses, and then there is Juventus’ ill-fated 2000/01 Champions League campaign. The opening match against Hamburg set the stage for disaster when Zinedine Zidane received a red card after a mere 29 minutes of play, followed shortly by Edgar Davids’ dismissal in the 33rd minute. With key players absent, Juventus’ hopes dwindled, ultimately leading to a campaign of disappointment and missed opportunities.

Bayern Munich – 2002/03: A Winless Woe

Bayern Munich, a stalwart of German football, suffered a humbling experience during the 2002/03 Champions League campaign. Placed in a group featuring Lens, Deportivo, and Milan, Bayern Munich faltered, failing to secure a single victory. Despite the absence of triumph, this tumultuous period witnessed the emergence of two prodigious talents, Philipp Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger, who made their debuts in a lackluster dead rubber match against Lens.

Juventus – 2013/14: From Hope to Heartbreak

Juventus’ 2013/14 Champions League journey was marred by a wavering sense of hope. A solitary victory against Copenhagen in the penultimate group stage match provided a glimmer of expectation for redemption. However, that hope was swiftly extinguished as Galatasaray, led by Wesley Sneijder, inflicted a bitter blow, consigning Juventus to the Europa League and leaving their aspirations shattered.

Manchester United – 2005/06: A Rare Early Exit

The 2005/06 campaign marked an unprecedented moment for Manchester United. After a glorious run of 11 years reaching the later stages of the Champions League, the Red Devils shockingly crashed out at the group stage. A sole victory in six matches, coupled with a meager tally of three goals, saw United’s dreams evaporate. Placed in a group alongside Villarreal, Benfica, and Lille, the English powerhouse faltered, leaving fans and pundits in disbelief.

Benfica – 2017/18: The Struggles Continue

Benfica’s 2017/18 Champions League campaign was marred by a profound struggle to find the back of the net while their defense crumbled. In the face of formidable opponents CSKA, Basel, and Manchester United, Benfica managed a meager single goal but conceded a staggering 14. This dismal display left supporters disheartened and cast a shadow over the Portuguese club’s European aspirations.

Liverpool – 2014/15: A Tale of Missed Opportunities

In a group that included Ludogorets, Basel, and Real Madrid, Liverpool’s 2014–15 Champions League campaign was characterized by a number of missed opportunities. Following a string of disappointing performances, the Reds were able to clinch only one victory in their last six matches. The victory for the team was nothing short of thrilling, as Steven Gerrard’s 93rd-minute penalty against Ludogorets sealed the deal in dramatic fashion. Liverpool’s lackluster performance in the group stage has left their supporters feeling unfulfilled and seeking better results.


The Champions League, a tournament that encapsulates the spirit of competition and drama, has witnessed both glorious victories and devastating defeats. The campaigns discussed here stand as testaments to the unpredictable nature of football and the pitfalls that even the mightiest teams can stumble into.