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UFC Betting: Bet on UFC with the best odds & tips!

UFC/MMA betting

If combat sports are your thing, chances are that you’re into UFC and MMA. Ultimate Fighting Championship and Mixed Martial Arts events are incredibly entertaining and can be extremely lucrative for online sports betting fans. Due to the exciting nature of fight sports, UFC betting is extremely well-liked, with on-line sportsbook offering loads of betting choices on big fights.

You can guess on a fighter to win, the strategy of victory and so much more at on-line sportsbooks and gambling websites. The smartest thing about wagering on-line is that UFC battle odds are absolutely phenomenal. Nearly two dozen states have launched their very own regulated sports activities betting markets, and the remaining states have entry to on-line sportsbooks that host UFC odds.

UFC History

The UFC is the premier mixed martial arts promotion, and fighters from all over the world hope to one day win a UFC Championship. With its soaring popularity, the UFC continues to capture the attention of new fans worldwide. With the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and helping MMA gain prominence in the mainstream, bettors can enjoy a variety of UFC betting options.

There are several strategies to implement when wagering on the UFC. The sport itself is a far more complex animal than major sports, especially if you’re new to the world of mixed martial arts. Unlike other major sports, MMA requires a unique and systematic approach to making your betting predictions.

UFC Betting Explained

Now that you know how to read UFC odds, you are probably wondering what types of bets are available for UFC fights. Similarities can be drawn between betting on other combat sports such as boxing. The money line for the main event of major UFC events is usually released months in advance, whereas the props such as round betting and method of victory are typically released a week or two ahead of the event.

With so many fighters and different organizations, it can be tough to stay up to speed with all of the fighters and make smart picks. There were also no weight classes between competitors of different fighting disciplines such boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, sambo, wrestling, Muay Thai, karate, and judo. In ensuing events, fighters began drawing techniques from more than one discipline.

Like most sports, punters can put their money behind a winner. You’ll also have the ability to place bets on more speculative options such as predicting the exact method of victory, the duration of a bout, or who will receive the $50,000 bonuses at the end of every event.

From flyweight to heavyweight, MMA has it all. There are also atomweight and strawweight categories for competitors weighing sub 48kg and 48-52kg respectively. Atomweight is used exclusively for women’s fighting. While we offer great odds on outright betting, UFC and MMA betting isn’t limited to who will win the fight. We also cover proposition markets where you can select who the winner will be and how they’ll win. Other bets could be on whether the fight will go the distance, if the result will rely on the judges’ decision, or whether the fight will end with a submission or knock-out.

With just 4,000 people in attendance at that first Royal Albert Hall bout, times have dramatically changed, with the likes of Conor McGregor and Michael Bisping packing 20,000 spectators into arenas including the 02 in London. If you’re looking to bet on the next big fight, Grosvenor Sport has the best UFC-MMA odds. There are several strategies to implement when wagering on the UFC. The sport itself is a far more complex in violence than major sports (, especially if you’re new to the world of mixed martial arts.

UFC Betting Odds with Africasportbetting

Over the last decade, the UFC has accumulated an influx of new fans and, with it, the sport has subsequently received an increase in the number of bets.

Africasportbetting always has the latest UFC odds and betting markets, to match the amount of action being showcased inside the cage.

As a sport that holds multiple potential outcomes, Africasportbetting offers a range of betting odds sites, where you can find specific markets such as ‘Both fighters to be knocked down’, ‘Fighter to have a point deducted’ and many more. Alongside these betting markets, Africasportbetting also promote sportbooks where you can bet on an outright winner and the winning round.

Winning Method

One bet type unique to MMA fights are bets on how the victor will win the fight. In MMA, there are three victory conditions: knockout, submission, and judge decision (score). For this type of bet, you don’t need to predict which fighter will win, just how the fight will be won. If the odds for a knockout victory are +120 and you bet $100 on knockout, you’d win $120 if Demetrious Johnson knocks out Tyron Woodley in the last round.

If the two fighters have a history of lasting the full three or five rounds, it could pay off to bet on a decision victory. If both fighters are strong strikers, a knockout victory could be a wise choice.

When betting on MMA/UFC, knowledge is key. Along with looking at the fighter’s track record, it’s important to analyze the competitors’ vital stats. Look at their age, weight, height, where they train and which disciplines they specialize in before placing your bets. It is a complex sport with many variables to analyze. Amazing strikers win belts, like Conor McGregor.

Bet on premiere fighting organizations such as the Ultimate Fighting Championships, Bellator MMA, ONE FC, PFL, KSW, LFA, Titan FC, Rizin FC, K-1 Kickboxing, IBF, WBA, WBO, WBC Boxing. Bet On Fights partners with the top online high street sports betting brands in the Africa to offer a top of the line betting experience.

The sportbooks we reviewed offer the best fight betting Sign Up Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses, Free Bets and special promotions. Bonuses are an integral part of any UFC betting experience, and if you are yet to sign up to any of the top bookmakers listed, it is well worth looking out for free bets and matched bonuses. The futures market for the UFC will characteristic closely on the Pay Per View events, title holders, weight class champions and different milestones like consistency and residential coaching camp.