Unveiling the Rising Stars: Top Talents to Watch in the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2023

While the football world currently revolves around club competitions, the spotlight is about to shift to international duty as the FIFA U-17 World Cup kicked off on Friday, November 10 in Indonesia. This prestigious tournament has been a stage where young talents illuminate the field, reminiscent of past luminaries like Phil Foden, Cesc Fabregas, and Toni Kroos.

As the anticipation builds for the winning team of the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Indonesia, let’s look at the top players who are likely to have a big effect on the event.


  1. Pau Cubarsi (Spain)

Pau Cubarsi, a promising 16-year-old defender, possesses a commendable body mass ratio, athleticism, and power. His exceptional ability to read the game sets him apart, making him a standout performer. With a strong focus on individual and collective work, Cubarsi is a concentrated, intelligent player who is likely to turn heads in Indonesia.


  1. Claudio Echeverri (Argentina)

Claudio Echeverri, a fast and dynamic player, adds a vertical dimension to Argentina’s lineup. His progressive runs, precise passes, and combination play make him a formidable force on the field. Echeverri, the captain of the Argentine team, carries high expectations after finishing as the joint-top scorer at the South American U17 Championship.


  1. Mathis Lambourde (France)

Operating in an inverted role on the right, Mathis Lambourde utilizes his skills to beat defenders, cut inside, and create goal-scoring opportunities. With quick feet, explosive movements, and precise dribbling skills, Lambourde played a key role in France reaching the U17 Euros final. France will rely on his leadership to advance in the tournament.

  1. Noah Darvich (Germany)

Noah Darvich, an advanced playmaker, brings a creative spark to the German squad. Equally adept on the wing and in the mix of wide playmaker and winger positions, Darvich showcases excellent technique, mobility, and acceleration skills. Having played a pivotal role in Germany’s triumphant U17 Euros campaign, expect to witness his flair in an advanced midfield role in Indonesia.


  1. Amara Diouf (Senegal)

One of the youngest players, Amara Diouf, comes with a lot of experience, having led Senegal to their first U17 Africa Cup of Nations title. Big teams are looking for up-and-coming stars like Diouf because he is unpredictable, can quickly work with his teammates, and scores a lot of goals.


  1. Lorran (Brazil)

Lorran, a versatile offensive player, boasts excellent physical strength, power, and natural fitness. With superb close control, footwork, and dribbling abilities, Lorran excels in a free attacking role. Having become the youngest scorer for Flamengo, the 17-year-old Brazilian emerges as one of the brightest midfield talents globally, attracting interest from major clubs.


  1. Assan Ouedraogo (Germany)

Assan Ouedraogo is a box-to-box defender who is very good at making plays and can play in many positions. He is tall, strong, and fast, which lets him do well in a lot of different places on the field. Because he is creative, can pass the ball well, and helps defend, Ouedraogo is a key player for Germany in the tournament.


  1. Estevao Willian (Brazil)

Estevao Willian is at the top of the list. He has a low center of gravity and is very agile and quick to change speeds. Premier League teams like Arsenal and PSG are interested in Willian because he is a great dribbler who can beat defenders and set up goals. Willian will be a key player for Brazil as they try to win the U17 World Cup.



As the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2023 takes place in Indonesia, these young football stars will compete for attention and try to make history. Fans and clubs are looking forward to the event, which will show off the skills of the next generation and give us a look into the future of international football.