Who has won the most Champions League titles

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Who has won the most Champions League titles?

The Champions League is dreamed of at all hours of the day and night: the best teams in the world chase it every year and try to win it, but only a few have done so in the competition’s history. Several teams have won it multiple times, while others have only won it once, but it is enough to be included in a unique roll of honor: The Champions League is simply the most coveted cup in the world of (European) football when it comes to clubs.

By the way, eternal glory to those who have won it the most: which team has the most trophies on display? Who has won the most Champions Leagues in the history of this competition?

In the standings (indeed, in the standings, given that we are inserting another special one at the bottom), we have taken into consideration both the victories in the Champions League and the successes in the “old” Champions Cup. It changed its name in 1992, but the tournament has essentially remained the same, so all victories prior to that year stand. Ok, let’s start and see who has won the most Champions Leagues in history.

The teams with the most Champions League wins in history: the standings

Below is the complete ranking of all the winners of the Champions League. In brackets, the number of finals played is listed:

  • 14 (17 finals) Real Madrid
  • 7 (11) Milan
  • 6 (10) Liverpool
  • 6 (11) Bayern Munich
  • 5 (8) Barcelona
  • 4 (6) Ajax 
  • 3 (5) Inter 
  • 3 (5) Manchester United 
  • 2 (3) Chelsea 
  • 2 (7) Benfica
  • 2 (9) Juventus
  • 2 (2) Nottingham Forest 
  • 2 (2) Porto
  • 1(2) Borussia Dortmund 
  • 1(2) Celtic F.C.
  • 1 (2) Hamburg
  • 1(2) Steaua Bucharest
  • 1(2) Marseille 
  • 1(2) Borussia Dortmund
  • 1(1) Feyenoord 
  • 1 (1) Aston Villas 
  • 1(1) PSV Eindhoven 
  • 1(1) Red Star 

Who has won the most Champions League games? Our analysis

Real Madrid has won the most Champions Leagues; to date, the Blancos dominate the standings, clearly separating themselves from the team in second place (+7). In all, the Spanish team achieved 14 Champions League/European Cup successes. From 2016 to 2018, a historic trio was put together, with three consecutive victories that helped the Blancos, who were already first at the time, climb even higher. After Ancelotti’s return to the bench (the Merengues had already won the “decima” in 2014), the Merengues won again in 2022, defeating Liverpool in the final.

In second place is an Italian: Milan have played in 11 Champions League finals throughout their history, winning 7 in all. The most recent success is that of May 23, 2007, when the Rossoneri defeated Liverpool in the final in Athens.

Liverpool and Bayern Munich are tied for third place. The Reds recently won in 2019 with Klopp on the bench after losing to Real Madrid in 2018. Bayern Munich, on the other hand, is the most successful German team, with their most recent win coming in the 2020 final against PSG.

The other Italians on the list are Inter, who have won 3 times in 5 finals (the last of which was the famous treble), and Juventus, who have won 2 out of 9 finals.

Countries with the most Champions Leagues: who has won the most?

Below, however, is the list of nations with the most Champions Leagues: Italy is currently third in this special ranking with 12 victories. Spain leads with 19 victories, while England comes in second with 14 victories.

  • Spain 19 (30)
  • England 14 (24)
  • Italy 12 (28)
  • Germany 8 (18)
  • Holland 6 (8)
  • Portugal 4 (9)
  • France 1 (7)
  • Romania 1 (2)
  • Scotland 1 (2)
  • Yugoslavia/Serbia 1 (2)