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Cycling Betting: Is not only the Tour of France!

Online Cycling Betting

Of course, cycling is about much more than the Tour de France. All Classics, Grand Tours, major one-day races and shorter stage races covered with route analysis, contender’s analysis and race predictions. If you’re a fan of pro cycling and like to have a bet on it, then this is the place for you.

Each tip above is the most popular selection for that particular market, cycling tips can be for the Tour of Britain betting or the Tour de France and also cover such markets as Outright Tour winner on events like the Giro d’Italia, Vuelta España and others.

Although there is a wide range of cycling tournaments you can bet on, Tour de France continues to be the most popular of all. It’s considered the biggest and most iconic cycle race that happens every year. Apart from Tour de France, you can also consider betting on Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España, two regulars amongst all the cycling betting enthusiasts across the globe.

Cycling betting can be quite tough and proper research needs to be done. Rider, team and weather conditions – these are only a few of the criteria you have to figure out in order to make money. Cycling odds may be available in great numbers, but so is the rider count and the possible things that could affect the winner of the yellow jersey. We are here to do all the hard work for you. Our dedicated experts in cycling dig all the important information about the races in order to provide you with the most comprehensive cycling predictions and betting tips.

Different Cycling Betting Selections

As can be expected in any sports event, cycling also features a comprehensive range of bet types. Of all the betting options, wagering money on the potential winners of any specific cycling event is the most popular betting market amongst new as well as seasoned cycling bettors. These are very simple bets available in different formats with all the well-known bookmakers.

    • Stage Winner

In races that consist of multiple stages, you have the option to bet on the winner of each stage. You can also bet on the number of stages you think a particular rider will win during the entire event.

    • Event Winner

The event winner is a straight bet in which you try to guess which rider will win the entire event. In the Tour de France, the riders contend for the yellow jersey, in Giro d’Italia the prize is the pink jersey, whereas the winner of La Vuelta wears the red jersey.

    • Points Classification

Betting on points classification means trying to guess which rider will win the green jersey. This jersey is given to the best sprinter and the rider who makes the biggest number of high finishes. To win the points classification, the cyclist does not have to win the event.

    • King of the Mountains

The King of the Mountains (KOM) is a title that is awarded to the best climber of the event. The winner wears the polka-dot jersey. The cyclists are awarded points according to the difficulty of the climb.

    • Young Rider Classification

To win this betting market, you should guess which rider will receive the white jersey. This jersey is given to the best young rider, below the age of 26. It’s one of the most popular bets to make.

    • Top Three Finisher

This is, essentially, an each-way bet in which bettors wager on a rider in the hope that they will finish in one of the top three positions in the race. You can also bet the other way around, claiming that a rider will not be one of the top three finishers.

    • Top Ten Finisher

This is another very popular betting market because it gives bettors a lot of room to experiment. In many cases, several underdogs end up in the top ten groups, which gives you the opportunity to take a risk and place a bet with really high odds.

Special cycling betting tips are also available for the experienced cycling bettors wanting to wager money on less popular possibilities like predicting the race winner’s nationality, guessing the winner of a certain stage of the cycling race etc.

How to choose a bet?

Each cycling tournament by road is competition between individual sportsmen. Each race is divided in separate stages of the race and the winner is determined by the sum of the results of all stages. Hence the tactics of sportsmen at every single step and every race as a whole.

Of course, each race is involved significant number of sportsmen. However, bets for urgent of all consider only the group of leaders. In this case, at each stage of a leader can go and sportsmen who are not favorites of the race. Key factors you should consider to get the most from each bet include:

    • Research the Field:

First and foremost, you’ll want to do your research before a race to find out what to expect from the field. You should look into which riders are nursing injuries, which riders won’t be competing at all, and which teams are bringing their best possible teams in an effort to win the team classification.

One great way to get the latest betting information is to check out cycling sites and social media accounts, especially in the hours leading up to a race.

    • Know the Location:

It’s tempting to think that the best riders will be winners no matter where they race. But location matters in a few different ways. The most obvious is that the makeup of a multistage race will benefit different racers: an extra climb will benefit strong mountain riders, while sprinters will excel if there are more short, flat stages or time trials.

You’ll also want to monitor local riders who know the route well and understand exactly where to make their breaks during the race.

    • Check the Weather:

The weather will change over the course of a race, especially in the longer tours. Not every rider does well in the rain or wind, and knowing who prefers the expected conditions could give you an edge in betting.

This requires some more research but can pay off if you get a good sense of each rider’s preferences. Some cycling betting sites provide detailed weather information, which is helpful when betting live. Therefore, bets on cycling at the proper understanding are beneficial. Learn the road races and make profitable bets on cycling.